May U. of Nevada Press book events

Thursday, May 4
Book Reading and Power Point Presentation: A Tale of Two Bridges: The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges of 1936 and 2013 by Stephen Mikesell
7 p.m.,
Sundance Books & Music

Thursday, May 25
Book Reading and Signing: The Saints of Rattlesnake Mountain: Stories by Don Waters
7 p.m., Sundance Books & Music

Wednesday, May 31
Book Reading and Power Point Presentation: 50 of the Best Strolls, Walks, and Hikes around Reno by Mike White and Mark Vollmer
6:30 p.m., REI, 2225 Harvard Way, Reno

University of Nevada Press has new site

Photo credit: Anastasia  Zhenina. Courtesy of

Image: Anastasia Zhenina. Courtesy of

Have you checked out the new website of the University of Nevada Press? I’m impressed. It looks good and works well.

You can order current titles right from the main page. You can search for others from there; if you prefer to browse,however, a click takes you to a page where you can sort by author, title, subject, series title or publication date. The Spring 2017 catalog is on the site as well.

Remember that all titles are 20 percent off when you order through the website.

Another link from the main page takes you to the author (submission) page. The Press is soliciting contributions to its active book series and also will consider fiction and memoir.

‘A Short History of Reno’ updated

From a University of Nevada Press news release

ShortHistoryRenoThe University of Nevada Press published the second edition of Richard Moreno’s A Short History of Reno last week.

The completely revised and updated edition provides an entertaining and informative account of Reno’s remarkably colorful history. Moreno discusses Reno’s efforts, from its early beginnings in the 1850s to the present day, to reinvent itself as a recreation, entertainment, education and technology hub. He looks at the gamblers, casino builders and performers who helped create the world-famous gaming industry, and he considers the celebrities who came to end unhappy marriages back when Reno was “the divorce capital of the world.”

He brings the city’s history up to date with coverage of the businesspersons and civic leaders who helped make Reno an attraction that still lures millions of visitors each year. Today’s travelers and residents explore Reno’s flamboyant heart and scenic wonders, topics the author examines in an accessible and lively fashion.

Moreno is director of content development at Central Washington University. He is the former publisher of Nevada Magazine and the author of twelve books, including A Short History of Carson City. He was awarded the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame Silver Pen Award in 2007.


$21.95 / 184 pages / 55 b&w photographs / 1 map