A quick look at ‘Not for Self: A Sicilian Life and Death in Marion’

Not for Self: A Sicilian Life and Death in Marion by Joseph Cacibauda

Genre: Historical fiction (see comment)

My Synopsis: This fictionalized version of real events follows Sicilian immigrant Jake Valenti to southern Illinois in the early 1920s. His life and death there are immersed in the violence related to anti-immigrant resentment, Prohibition and the Ku Klux Klan. The author introduces all of these threads and then brings them together at the climax.

Publisher: Legas

Format and Number of Pages: Paperback. About 218 pages plus notes and bibliography.

Where to Find: Amazon

How Much Read: All

Comments: With the heavy research obvious, I would describe this as creative nonfiction rather than fiction. The author is a retired teacher living in Reno.