A quick look at ‘A Chronicle of Nevada’s Great Basin’

A Chronicle of Nevada’s Great Basin by Jerry Aaron

Genre: Nonfiction, history

My Synopsis: Jerry Aaron loves Nevada and has taken photos throughout the state over the years. He hopes to infect his readers with his enthusiasm for our history. He does this by telling the stories of the past in a readable, almost conversational and by sharing many of his photos. He also includes previously unpublished photos from Jerry Fenwick’s collection along with other sources. Almost every page has at last one photo.

Publisher: Self, 2017

Format and Number of Pages: Hard cover, 127 pages, about that many photos

Where to Find: nevadasgreatbasin.com, Sundance Books, history museums throughout Nevada

How Much Read: All

Comments: Jerry Aaron and I have something in common: We both like to imagine what Nevada was like for the people who traveled through or lived here in the past. All the photos in this book make it much easier. The photos also document disappearing evidence of the past.