RT Booklovers Convention coming to Reno

How often do we have national book conventions here in Reno? Never say never, because the RT Booklovers Convention will be here next spring!

What is it?

Of course, it’s a convention for book lovers–readers, published authors,aspiring authors, book bloggers, reviewers, booksellers, librarians, everyone. The numbers I’ve seen vary, but between 600 and 800 published authors and twice that many readers will be there.

The convention packs in a giant book fair, free books and other goodies, parties, mixers and other reader events. Authors will find marketing opportunities and 150-200 workshops. Publishers host events and giveaways.

I suspect you have to actually attend before you really know what it is, but the FAQs give you an idea of what all it has.

The convention is put on by RT Book Reviews, formerly Romantic Times. The name change reflects the many genres it now covers.

When and where is it?

May 15-20, 2018

Registration opens tomorrow, Sept. 14.

Heads up: You’ll need to register with the site before you can access all the information and register. You can read the FAQs without registering, however.

How much does it cost?

Here’s a price list: http://www.rtconvention.com/faq#n3944

It sounded expensive to me at first, but then I realized it’s probably the only opportunity I’ll ever have to attend a major book convention without having to travel. Besides, I want all the freebies!

They do offer payment plans and day and weekend passes to make it more affordable.

Who will be there?

So far local author Heather Petty and Northern California authors Kristina Mathews and Jill Shalvis have committed.  Look for your favorites by clicking through all the other authors on the convention site. They will be adding authors up to the time of the conference.

Why am I excited about it?

  1. Books. Being around books and the people who write them.
  2. Authors. I hope to meet a few of my favorite authors.
  3. Freebies. The Goody Room, Swag Alley, the registration bag sing to me like sirens.
  4. Connections. I’m a book editor—what better way to talk to potential clients in person?

Numbers 2 and 4, of course, will be difficult for this introvert, but it sounds like a friendly event. Maybe I’ll meet you there!

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