Bourne Morris launches latest mystery

From a Sundance Books and Music news release

redqueenrulesSundance Books and Music welcomes Reno author Bourne Morris on Wednesday, Dec. 14, for the launch of the third mystery in her Red Solaris trilogy, The Red Queen Rules. The launch party begins at 6:30 p.m. at Sundance.

Red Solaris faces serious trouble when a white supremacist group schedules an event and her university is in an uproar when students threaten to riot. Is hate speech always protected? Red must confront her own feelings about First Amendment rights versus campus safety. At the same time, Red’s beloved Detective Joe Morgan goes undercover to rescue a young girl from the dangerous world of sex trafficking. He disappears and Red wonders if she will see him again.

Morris began writing at Bennington College, where she studied with the late poet laureate Howard Nemerov. After college, she went into the New York advertising business and was hired by David Ogilvy as a writer at Ogilvy & Mather during the “Mad Men” era of the 1960s. In 1977, she was sent west to head Ogilvy’s advertising agency in Los Angeles.

In 1983, she joined the University of Nevada, Reno as a professor in journalism, where she learned about campus politics. She retired in 2009 to write fiction. The Reynolds School of Journalism recently announced an endowed scholarship in her name.


“Once again, the inquisitive and impulsive Red Solaris ricochets between ivory tower abstractions and real world mayhem. The best Red Queen mystery yet.”
— Ann Ronald, author of Friendly Fallout 1953

“Morris hits it out of the park with this third novel of her Red Queen mystery trilogy.  It is smart, fast-paced, and utterly contemporary with plot lines of disturbing developments in hate groups and higher education’s attempts to teach students how to respond peacefully yet effectively to hate speech. Red Solaris struggles to keep those she loves safe from an increasingly dangerous world, both on campus and off.”

— Don Hardy, author of Because I’d Just Hate to Disappear