5 reasons I don’t review books here

starI’m nice. I read. I know how desperate most authors are for book reviews. I know how hard it is to get readers—anyone—to write them.

So I should review books here, right? Wrong. And here’s why.

I know the authors, or feel as if I do.
And some of them know me. We’re friends. Friends are supportive, not judgmental.

I don’t want to make authors cry.
While authors say they want reviews, they don’t just want reviews. They expect five-star reviews, and many are crushed when they get anything less. It makes me uncomfortable because I don’t always give five-star reviews.

Not every book is good, and I have to be honest.
Sure, I could find something positive to say about any book, and I could ignore flaws. I won’t, though. I write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads under my own name, and my credibility is important to me. If I give fewer than five stars, I try to provide an explanation or constructive criticism (the things I don’t like might make the book more attractive to someone else). If I don’t like anything about the book, I stop reading it and refrain from reviewing it.

I can’t read every Northern Nevada book.
I don’t review books without reading them, and there’s no way I would have time to read every book published by Northern Nevada authors, set in Northern Nevada or about Northern Nevada.

Actually, I’m being polite. The truth is I don’t find every genre or topic interesting. I’m sorry.

I’ve been burned.
Two people (that I know of) plagiarized a review I posted here. I’m sure they were desperate for reviews, but I had put a lot of time into my review and resented the theft.

What I try to do here is gather and share information about Northern Nevada books. Although I rarely review them, I post news releases about them. When I get a free copy of a Northern Nevada book (or buy it for myself), I write a “Quick Look”—a summary without a rating. If nothing else, that gives the name and title another place to turn up in a Google search.

But I’m not resolving to write more reviews in 2016.


One thought on “5 reasons I don’t review books here

  1. The rating system has definitely gotten way out of hand. There are so many books out there with 35 five star reviews that it really doesn’t mean anything anymore! So I think you’re wise.

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