It’s not too late to buy books for Christmas

ChristmasNVRelax—you still have time to buy books for Christmas without paying shipping fees or worrying that they won’t arrive in time. These options are for—

  1. Family and friends who have Kindles or Nooks (or the free reading Kindle app on their computers or smartphones). Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have e-book gift-giving options; just look for the “Give/buy as gift” button. If providing the recipient’s email address is a problem, Amazon will let you use your own. (I’m thinking you could print out the email and put it in a card or stocking . . . )
  2. Family and friends who live around here. For these, I’m talking about our local bookstores, They can’t always compete with the online booksellers on price, but they are here for you when you absolutely have to have a tangible gift for someone to open at Christmas and you haven’t bought it yet. (Remember that!)

Sorry, you’re on your own with e-book-phobic, out-of-town family and friends. Even when you pay extra for shipping, delivery by Christmas Eve is not guaranteed.

Favorite locally owned bookstores are Sundance Books and Music and Grassroots. If you’re willing to patronize a chain store, we have Barnes & Noble, of course. But did you know Costco sells local books? And—if you’re like me both a procrastinator and a cheapskate—you never know what like-new used books you’ll find at  Sundance and Grassroots as well as most of the local thrift stores.


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