A quick look at ‘Flipka’

FlipkaFlipka by J T Twissel

Genre: Mystery

My Synopsis: In the 1970s, a Las Vegas casino magnate’s daughter is a resident of a reformatory at a former fort in eastern Nevada. He sends up Flipka, a no-longer-practicing psychoanalyst whose real name is Fi Butters, to find out what happened to a counselor who disappeared and whether his daughter and the other girls had anything to do with it. Butters quickly learns they have been going into an old mine shaft, and the clues pile up from there. She keeps running into a couple of men who seem to be cowboys one time, scientists another and FBI agents still another. A horny old biplane pilot and a professor researching a book turn out to more helpful than an unenthusiastic ex-cop the casino magnate has sent to accompany her. They spend several days in Ely and visit a cathouse nearby, but everything leads back to the old mine.

Publisher: Booktrope, 2013

Format and Number of Pages: Kindle, paperback, 192 pages

Where to Find: Amazon

How Much Read: All

Comments: Flipka, the name of the main character, is “a Russian term of endearment meaning difficult broad.” The author grew up in Reno, and Nevadans will recognize the local color.


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