A quick look at ‘Bending Willow’

Bending WillowBending Willow by Jacci Turner

Genre: Middle grade

My Synopsis: Two sisters who have been living in Reno with their grandmother have to make a quick decision when they discover she has died. They don’t want to return to the shelter they had to go to when their mother and her latest husband died, so they head for Idaho to find the older sister’s father. Knowing they have to head east on I-80, they stow away on a bus headed to Burning Man. From there they find a ride to Wells, where they find another ride north into Idaho. That’s when the good fortune they found at Burning Man is replaced by reality. All works out at the end, though.

Publisher: Lucky Bat Books, 2013

Format and Number of Pages: Paperback, 146 pages; Kindle

Where to Find: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo

How Much Read: All

Comments: This is another genre I don’t normally read, but I got hooked on this story when the author posted the first chapter for free. By the end of the chapter I cared about the girls and wanted to know what happened next. When I read the whole book, I had chills at the end (the happy kind). This book is first in a series and is followed by Stretching Willow and Finding Willow (just out).


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