Tahoe author to read, sign latest mystery at Sundance

From a news release

TahoeGhostBoatFront 288 wideTahoe author Todd Borg will read from and sign Tahoe Ghost Boat (Thriller Press), the latest book in his Owen McKenna Mystery Series, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Sundance Books and Music.

Borg has written 10 previous acclaimed mysteries set in the Tahoe area. Featuring Tahoe detective Owen McKenna, Borg’s books have won the Ben Franklin Award for Best Mystery of the Year and been chosen by Library Journal for its Top Mysteries of the Year list.

About the Book

Gertie O’Leary is a 15-year-old girl with a messy bird’s nest of red hair, a serious softball pitch, and a dream to be a movie director. She also has a $2 million price on her head.

When a gang led by a killer called Mikhailo The Monster takes Gertie as the centerpiece of an extortion plot, Gertie’s mother calls Tahoe detective Owen McKenna for help. McKenna finds out that Gertie’s stepfather has just died in what looks like a boating accident and that Gertie’s mother cares more about not losing money to blackmail than saving her daughter.

As the unwanted child of divorced, self-focused parents, Gertie has no defenders. So McKenna appoints himself her savior. But McKenna is one man up against a small army of twisted murderers whose orders are to kill the girl…

Special Offer from Blue Moon Pizza

Blue Moon Pizza (across the street from Sundance Books and Music) is offering a coupon to everyone who buys a copy of Tahoe Ghost Boat the day of the event. The coupon will be good for one free drink with a purchase of one slice of cheese pizza on the afternoon or evening of the event.

This event is made possible through a partnership with Nevada Humanities and with support from the Nightingale Family Foundation.


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