A quick look at ‘Minstrel’

minstrel_m_ames_cover-variation-bMinstrel: A Ballad of Lies, Deceit, and Redemption by Marissa Ames

Genre: Medieval fantasy

My Synopsis: This saga is related from the point of view of Liam, leader of a troupe of traveling performers. The king’s brother, Shamus, was in a distant territory when their father died and didn’t have a chance to take the throne. Liam and his troupe are summoned to be regular performers for the king. Liam becomes friends with Prince Shamus and with Maira, a poor young woman who keeps turning up. A drought and the king’s mistrust of his brother lead to a stay in a dungeon, hiding out in an old inn, underground rebellion, ship voyages, settling land, living in primitive conditions, and sword fights. There are a couple of love triangles, too.

Publisher: R. J. Reign Press, 2013

Format and Number of Pages: Trade paperback, 377 pages; e-book and audiobook

Where to Find: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

How Much Read: All

Comments: Minstrel is the first book in the Tir Athair series. The second, Vassal: A Tale of Loyalty and Loss, will be out this year. Darrion: A Story of the Athair is a prequel. You will not find graphic sex scenes in this book. I learned what ergot is/was!


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