A quick look at ‘Scintillate’

Scintillate by Tracy Clark

scintillate-Cover-webGenre: Young adult, paranormal

My Synopsis: High school student Cora Sandoval begins seeing auras around people and realizes she is the only one with a silver one. About the same time, she and Finn, an Irish exchange student, become close. She keeps seeing a frightening stranger and learns that having a silver aura is somehow dangerous. She ends up traveling to Ireland, where she learns what the silver aura means along with what happened to her mother when she was five.

Publisher: Entangled Teen, Feb. 4, 2014

Format and Number of Pages: Paperback, 295 pages (Kindle version also available)

Where to Find: Major bookstores and sites, Sundance Books, Grassroots Books, Shelby’s Book Shoppe

How Much I Read: All

Comments: Not being a YA reader, I read it just because the author’s tweets (@TracyClark_TLC) made me excited about it. And I did enjoy it. It’s well written and edited. I thought the pace was just right. I have to say I did not like the ending; to me it was too dark. This is the first book in The Light Key Trilogy, so I’m hoping the next book will put the characters back on a lighter course.


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