A quick look at ‘Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes’

Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes by Margaret M. Wheat

Have you ever looked around an undeveloped portion of Northern Nevada (in other words, desert) and asked how anyone could ever “live off the land” here? I have. I know explorers and pioneers did find Native Americans living here in the early to mid 1800s. I bought this book to learn how they did it.

Genre: Nonfiction, Native American studies

My Synopsis: Part I describes the ways Paiutes lived in Northern Nevada before the whites arrived, and Part II describes the next 100 years. Part I has a few black and white photos of the scenery, and Part II has black and white photos of modern Paiutes demonstrating various techniques. The remaining three-quarters of the book gives even more detailed descriptions (with lots of black and white photos) of harvesting pine nuts; making boats, duck decoys, cordage, harpoons, arrows, traps, pelts, and cradleboards; fishing; working with willow; and building shelters.

Publisher: University of Nevada Pages, 1967

Format and Number of Pages: Paperback, 117 pages

Where to Find: University of Nevada Press, Amazon.com, + ?

How Much Read: Skimmed

Comments: This book thoroughly answered my question. In fact, it would not be a bad survival guide.


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