A quick look at ‘Duties Faithfully Executed’

I’m starting what will be an occasional feature: a quick look at a book I’ve read by a local author or about this area. As much as I enjoy writing real reviews, doing them well requires a lot more time than I have.

Every clever name I’ve thought of for this series seems to have been used already, so I’m still working on that. (I thought “In lieu of a review” was unique, but it wasn’t!) I didn’t want to wait any longer, though, because the first book I’m featuring is going to be available free on Amazon.com Friday, June 13. Here goes.

Duties Faithfully Executed by J T Hume

Genre: Political fiction

My Synopsis: Bruce Carson is a wounded Afghanistan veteran who becomes involved in state and then national politics. Opportunities come his way but are jeopardized by his flaws. One of those opportunities is marriage to a hot woman who also happens to be intelligent and a member of an ultra-rich family.

Publisher: Self

Format and Number of Pages: Kindle, 176 pages

Where to Find: Amazon.com

How Much I Read: All

Comments: J T Hume is a pen name. I’ve never fought in Afghanistan or waged a presidential campaign, but the author almost convinced me he had in the first few chapters. I thought the book was going to have a political or philosophical message, but the story turned out to more about the man, his career and his marriage.


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