Former resident writes cultural history of Pyramid Lake

From a Sundance Books and Music news release

MergenCompF.inddHistorian Bernard Mergan will sign and discuss At Pyramid Lake (University of Nevada Press, 2014) at Sundance Books and Music, 121 California Ave., Reno, at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 25.

Pyramid Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Great Basin, is a desert oasis that was home to the Paiute for thousands of years before the arrival of explorer John C. Frémont in 1844. For them it was a spiritual center that provided life-sustaining resources, such as the cui-ui, a fish unique to the lake and now endangered. At Pyramid Lake is a cultural history of all who have been drawn to this unique natural wonder: ranchers and farmers, sport fishers and scientists, divorcees and movie stars, artists and poets, hucksters and mystics.

Mergen, who grew up near the lake’s shores in the 1940s and returned frequently through the years, is professor emeritus of American studies at George Washington University. His publications include Weather Matters: An American Cultural History Since 1900 and Snow in America. He lives in Franklin, W.V.

This event is made possible through a partnership with Nevada Humanities and with support from the Nightingale Family Foundation.

The author also will appear at an event at the Nevada Museum Thursday, April 24, and at 1 p.m. at the Pyramid Lake Visitors Center in Nixon Saturday, April 26. Check the museums for possible admission charges.


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