‘More’ RGJ does not mean more local books coverage

Have you noticed the books page is missing from the Sunday Reno Gazette-Journal Arts & Entertainment (TV guide) section? Don’t bother to keep looking for it, because it was discarded in the newspaper’s week-old “more” makeover.

I asked Executive Editor Kelly Ann Scott about it during a live chat last week, and she replied, “At this point, the only books coverage we have is in the USA Today section.” The USA Today books section is two full pages, much larger than the one that used to be in the A&E section. Of course it just covers national book news.

Scott continued, “However, if there are Nevada authors or books, we will showcase that in our new Our Nevada section.”

That “if” bothers me. Since I started this blog and associated Twitter feed in September I’ve been amazed at the number of local authors who are constantly writing books, publishing books, holding book events, and more. I’ve also appreciated all the Trembling Leaves Twitter followers: We definitely have local readers who are interested in local authors and local books.

Still, I’d like to see our local paper use “more” resources to cover the local books scene.






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