New Schopen novel to be launched at Sundance Tuesday

From a Sundance Books news release

CalamityJane_cover_smallWHAT: Sundance Books and Music’s Baobab Press will host the book launch for Calamity Jane, a new novel by local author Bernard Schopen.

WHEN/WHERE: Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 6:30 p.m., Sundance Books and Music, 121 California Ave, Reno.

ABOUT THE BOOK: After the publication of The Iris Deception, the final of his three Jack Ross detective novels, in 1996, Bernard Schopen’s literary voice went quiet. Nearly two decades later, that voice makes a distinctive return with Calamity Jane. Schopen’s new novel takes a hard look at the realities of rural and ranching Nevada while also examining the enduring myths of the West.

Calamity Jane is not a detective novel, but there are mysteries here, and fans of Schopen will recognize connections to his earlier work. Set somewhere in the arid basin and range wilds east of Reno and north of Las Vegas, Calamity Jane is told through the private journal of retired high school English teacher Winnifred Westrom, long-time resident of Blue Lake and a keen observer with a stake in the story.

This is grown-up fiction, asking serious questions about the fate and future of the West and exploring ideas as big as the Great Basin it inhabits. At the same time, it is storytelling worthy of the Western movies and pulp fictions it admires. Bernard Schopen in Calamity Jane is an old dog up to new tricks.

PRAISE: “A great novel of the American West both wildly entertaining and wise. An exploration of the old and new colliding and the chaos and disruption and drama that ensues.” – Willy Vlautin, bestselling author of Motel Life

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bernard Schopen was born and raised in Deadwood, S.D. He attended the University of Washington and the University of Nevada in Reno whereupon receiving his PhD in English he taught for many years. He is the author of three Jack Ross novels as well as a study of the novels of Ross Macdonald.


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